Phelps face: The new way to look unimpressed

    (CNN)Move over McKayla Maroney, there's a new "not impressed" face of the Olympic Games.

    Cameras caught Michael Phelps looking less than pleased as he sat patiently waiting in the "ready room" for the 200m butterfly semifinal. In front of him, South African gold medalist Chad Le Clos was seen doing what can best be described as a shadow boxing-style dance routine.
    The two rivals seem to have decidedly different pre-race rituals and the Internet needed no help in taking the photo and swimming running with it.
      There were the obvious comparison's to Maroney's face during the 2012 Games.
      And the obligatory Suicide Squad comments.
      Phelps' hood also reminded some of another movie.
      NBC had a slightly different take.
      It's not a meme until someone brings up Nickelback.