Olympics: Rider Adelinde Cornelisse quits Rio 2016 after horse falls ill

    Adelinde Cornelissen and her horse, Parzival, won two medals at London 2012.

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    • Dutch rider Adelinde Cornelissen quits individual dressage event
    • Adelinde Cornelissen says she gave up to protect her horse

    (CNN)A Dutch dressage rider's Olympic dream is over after her horse fell victim to an insect bite at Rio 2016.

    Adelinde Cornelissen shocked fans by quitting the Games mid-test after her horse Parzival contracted a fever the day before the event.
      Cornelissen and Parzival, who won individual silver and team bronze together at London 2012, retired from the individual Grand Prix Wednesday after only a handful of movements.
      And it's likely to have been Parzival's final Olympic performance because the Dutch warmblood gelding is 19 years old.
      Cornelissen took to Facebook and explained she pulled out of the Games over concern for Parzival's welfare.
      The day before the event, she said her horse's head was swollen and Parzival had developed a fever, the exact cause of which is still unknown.
      "After double checking with the vets here they concluded he was bitten by an insect or spider or some sort of animal which produces toxics," the 37-year-old Cornelissen added.
      Parzival was given fluids and had X-Rays, swabs and blood tests taken and eventually his temperature fell.
      Cornelissen and Parzival won a silver and a bronze medal at London 2012