Who is watching you?

Published 0223 GMT (1023 HKT) August 18, 2016
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A family is seen watching television together. Nye Thompson
Many of the images focused on taping entrances and exits, such as this one focused on a yard. Nye Thompson
The same yard seen at night. Nye Thompson
A figure stands to the left of the photo near to a bed with crumpled covers. Nye Thompson
The exhibition is held at Cass School of Art & Architecture's Bank Gallery in London. On the wall is a photo of a house where the blurry figure of small child running can be seen. Geoff Titley
Some webcams were trained at more mundane things like laundry put out to dry. Nye Thompson
Or recorded various machines. Nye Thompson
This one watched a construction site. Nye Thompson
Artist Nye Thompson (right front) poses with her work with exhibition curator Kosha Hussain (left back). Geoff Titley