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Stylish bag spotted on Berlin metro has a cultural message

The bag is now in high demand

CNN  — 

Most people wouldn’t give this tote bag a second look, but an eagle-eyed Arabic speaker on the Berlin metro noticed the bag’s not-so-secret message.

The aesthetically pleasing script translates to “There is no purpose for this text other than spreading fear among those who are afraid of Arabic language.”

The picture has more than 15,000 Facebook shares, with people laughing at the inside joke and also lamenting its humor in light of recent worldwide currents of Islamophobia.

Judging by the logo underneath the text, the bag was made by Rock Paper Scissors, a graphic design studio in Israel. The company has gotten hundreds of inquiring Instagram comments from people all over the world, and on their Facebook page, they have said they are “overwhelmed” with orders for the cheeky accessory.