What a 5,300-year-old mummy wore to his grave

Otiz's clothing are on display from top left: A shoe with grass interior (left) and leather exterior (right), the leather coat (reassembled by the museum), leather loincloth, grass coat, fur hat, and leather leggings.

Story highlights

  • 5,300-year-old mummy was found in 1991 in Italian Alps
  • He left behind several pieces of his wardrobe and his weapons
  • Scientists genetically analyzed his clothes to learn more about the ancient times

(CNN)With goat-leather leggings and a brown bear fur hat, the 5,300-year-old mummy must have strutted the Alps with an eclectic style.

Otzi the Iceman left behind his leather-heavy wardrobe and a slew of his accessories when he died in the Italian Alps several millenniums ago.
    Scientists have reconstructed Otzi's attire and equipment. They even know his last meal.
    Discovered in 1991 poking out of a glacier, Otzi is one of the oldest mummified people ever found. Egyptian mummies are several hundred years younger.
      Since his discovery, nearly every part of him has been analyzed -- from what he may have sounded like, the contents in his stomach to how he died. For the past 25 years, his mummified body has been a window into early human history, providing a peak into what life in the Alpine region was like during the Copper Age.
      His wardrobe and collection of weapons received scrutiny from researchers who cataloged their findings in the journal Scientific Reports this week.
      The mummy, also known as the Tyrolean Iceman, had leather loincloth, leather leggings, a grass coat, grass shoes and a fur hat. He also owned lots of accessories -- including a stone dagger, bows, a leather quiver and several pieces of fungi.

        Why does it matter what he wore?

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