Ryan Lochte's apology statement: The full text vs. the subtext

    When Ryan Lochte apologized for his claims that he and three other American swimmers were robbed at gunpoint during a night out at the Rio Olympic Games, fans and critics were not in a forgiving mood. In fact, many were quick to dissect some of his words and phrasings, saying it didn't appear as if the apology was sincere or even, in some respects, an apology at all.

    If you haven't read it yet, Lochte posted the full text of the apology on his Instagram. Below, some choice retorts from Twitter and Instagram.
    "I want to apologize for my behavior last weekend..."
    "....for not being more careful and candid in how I described the events of that early morning..."
    "...and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the Olympics.
    "It's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country — with a language barrier..."
    "and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money to let you leave...