Irish women live-tweet journey to Great Britain for abortion

The women tweeted a picture from Dublin Airport as they boarded a plane to the United Kingdom

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  • Abortion is illegal except in certain circumstances in the Republic of Ireland
  • Thousands travel to UK for abortions every year, and there have been calls for a referendum to change law

(CNN)An Irish woman live-tweeted her journey to the United Kingdom to have an abortion this weekend. The woman, and a friend who accompanied her, began posting early Saturday morning from the Twitter account Two Women Travel.

Abortion is illegal in the Republic of Ireland, except in certain circumstances, and more than 165,000 women traveled from Ireland to Great Britain for the procedure between 1980 and 2015, according to the United Kingdom's Department of Health.
    The pair described their mission as "Two women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home."
    Most of the tweets were directed at Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, with an early morning post from Dublin Airport reading "boarding, it's chilly, @EndaKennyTD."
    Quickly, the account began to pick up traction, helped by high-profile tweeters like James Corden, a British comedian and CBS late-night host. "Today, @TwoWomenTravel but you're not on your own in this. So many people are with you. X," he wrote.
    Later, the women posted updates from the waiting room of the clinic providing the procedure. The companion tweeted in late afternoon, "Friend is out and safe. Procedure was quick and staff very warm."
    The women posted a note that read: "We make this journey in stern solidarity with all our Irish sisters who have gone before us."
    Perhaps the most stark tweet came on Sunday morning, a picture from a hotel room of a bloodied sheet, tweeted with the words, "Not the first or the last bleeding women about to face a long treck (sic) home @EndaKennyTD #twowomentravel."
    A bloodied sheet, tweeted with the caption: "Not the first or the last bleeding women about to face a long treck (sic) home."
    Although the Irish Prime Minister had not responded to the tweets as of Sunday, the country's health minister tweeted his thanks to the women "for telling the story of [the] reality which faces many."

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