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Burkini ban suspended by French court
01:18 - Source: CNN

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France bans wearing the burqa in public; fines range from $42-$205

More than a dozen women have contacted the businessman to pay their fines

CNN  — 

As several politicians across Europe try to outlaw outfits worn by some Muslim women, one businessman is fighting back with his checkbook.

Rachid Nekkaz, a wealthy Algerian entrepreneur and human rights activist, has stepped up to the plate to pay the penalty for any Muslim woman who is fined in France for wearing the burkini, a full-length swimsuit that covers the whole body except for the face, hands and feet.

“I decided to pay for all the fines of women who wear the burkini in order to guarantee their freedom of wearing these clothes, and most of all, to neutralize the application on the ground of this oppressive and unfair law,” Nekkaz said.

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Bans on burqas and burkinis