Passenger plane collides with van at Hong Kong airport

A Dragonair plane crashed into a van at Hong Kong International Airport on Thursday.

Story highlights

  • Dragonair passenger plane crushes roof of van
  • Van diver injured in crash and taken to hospital

(CNN)A van driver had a lucky escape after colliding with a passenger plane at Hong Kong International Airport on Thursday.

The Dragonair A330 passenger plane, which was due to fly to Penang in Malaysia, collided with the maintenance van while taxiing on the tarmac.
    "While the aircraft was taxiing away from the departure bay, one of the engines was hit by a maintenance vehicle operated by another company," a Dragonair spokesperson told CNN.
    "The aircraft is now being inspected by our engineers and our maintenance service provider."
    Dramatic footage shows the plane's engine crushing the van's roof, just inches from the driver's head. He was later taken to hospital, a Hong Kong International Airport spokesman said.
    There were no injuries to the 295 passengers or crew on board, a Dragonair spokesman told CNN, adding that another aircraft was arranged to carry out the flight.
    "Our plane was about to go into the runway when the van hit the engine and got stuck inside," said witness Toshiro Kobayashi, who filmed dozens of emergency staff attending the scene.
    "Passengers were also stuck inside the plane for about an hour before evacuated back to terminal."