Hillary Clinton speaks to members of the media aboard her campaign plane on September 6, 2016 while in flight from White Plains, New York.
Clinton fundraises, bashes TV anchor
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Clinton has sought to disqualify Trump's ability to handle national security and military issues

Trump recently announced that 88 retired military figures backed his campaign

White Plains, New York CNN  — 

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign Friday touted 110 endorsements from former military leaders, 15 more than they had before Clinton and Donald Trump headlined a forum of military service and national security.

Clinton and her top aides have sought to disqualify Trump’s ability to handle national security and military issues, questioning his temperament and qualifications. After Trump touted 88 retired military figures backing his campaign earlier this week, Clinton’s campaign has sought to keep the upper hand, noting her growing list of endorsements.

Clinton joked with reporters this week that she has more flag officers backing her campaign, adding, “but who is counting?”

“Here is what is important, I now have more endorsements from retired flag officers than any Democrat other than an incumbent president has ever had,” Clinton said. “Compared to where Trump is where both Romney and McCain were, they had between 300 and 500. I am doing better than any Democrat, he is doing worse than recent Republicans. So I am proud of the people who are supporting me.”

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Retired Major General Peter Cooke of the United States Air Force is among those backing Clinton.

“Any time anyone states says that generals are rubbish or an individual is not a hero because he or she was captured I find it appalling,” Cooke said in a statement, referring to Trump saying Sen. John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured. “Donald Trump has a lack of knowledge on everything from force structure to NATO to our alliances and partnerships. I’m proud to support Secretary Clinton.”

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Retired Major General John Phillips, another new endorsement, added that “Clinton has demonstrated the ability to conduct foreign affairs and achieve the objectives and goals of the United States.”