Construction workers pose on top of one of the tallest skyscrapers

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Construction workers harness themselves to the spire for a 'top-this' pic

The Wilshire Grand Center is now the tallest building west of the Mississippi

CNN  — 

Construction workers took a death-defying photo from atop a spire 1,099 feet above the ground in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The iron workers who built the spire for the Wilshire Grand Center posed atop it in the photo. The tower was completed on Saturday.

“Saturday’s completion of the 294-foot, 9-inch spire marks a milestone achievement in the construction of the Wilshire Grand tower — now officially the tallest building west of the Mississippi,” said spokeswoman Leigh Kramer.

But how did they men get all the way up there?

They climbed an internal maintenance ladder all the way to the top and were harnessed to the inside and outside of the structure, Kramer said.

The tower is expected to open in March of 2017.