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Updated 1007 GMT (1807 HKT) March 6, 2017
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For Sikhs, the turban is not about culture, it's an article of faith that is mandatory for men. The turban is also a reason why Sikh men have been targeted and attacked in America, especially after 9/11. Turbans were featured in "The Sikh Project," a 2016 exhibition that celebrated the Sikh American experience. British photographers Amit and Naroop partnered with the Sikh Coalition for the show. This photo is of New York actor and designer Waris Singh Ahluwalia, who was kicked off an Aero Mexico flight in February after refusing to remove his turban at security. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition
Harpreet Kaur, a producer at Maryland Public Television, founded Sach Productions, a media organization that creates films focused on minority issues. She was the first Sikh reporter in Washington. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition
Harmandeep Singh, a high school senior in New York, arrived from India in 2014. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition
Ishprit Kaur's mother is a nurse and inspired her daughter to become one, too. Kaur was also drawn to the medical field because her father is battling Parkinson's disease. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition
Japjee Singh, like many Sikh kids, was bullied for years in suburban Atlanta schools. In 2014, the Department of Justice settled a landmark case with the DeKalb County school system that paved the way for better protection from bullying. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition
Maj. Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi was born in India but grew up in New Jersey. He was the only Sikh child in his public school and became the first Sikh American to be granted a religious accommodation to serve in the military since a 1980s ban that prevents Sikhs from serving. Kalsi deployed to Afghanistan and now works to end religious discrimination in the military. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition
Retired engineer Lathan Dennis-Singh was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where he befriended reggae superstar Bob Marley. He converted to Sikhism 48 years ago at his college in Michigan and has been living in Fairfax, Virginia, for the last 30 years. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Co
Raghuvinder Singh travels from his home in New Jersey to Oak Creek, Wisconsin, every week to see his father, Punjab Singh, who was shot in the face in the 2012 mass shooting there. Punjab Singh remains paralyzed and communicates through blinking his eyes. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition
Sat Hari Singh reversed the New York train he was operating on 9/11 and helped save the lives of many people. He worked with the Sikh Coalition to sue the transportation authority over a policy against turbans and won. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition
Musician Sonny Singh is a member of the Brooklyn Bhangra band. In his other life, he's a community organizer who leads workshops on race, religion and social justice. Amit and Naroop with the Sikh Coalition