Four things the royals will be showing off in Canada

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  • Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their young children are off to Canada
  • All eyes will be on Princess Charlotte, and big brother Prince George

(CNN)This weekend, the world's most famous family hits Canada for a quick-fire round of 30 engagements across British Columbia and Yukon. Dozens of national and international reporters and photographers will try to keep up as the Cambridges embark on what's set to be a landmark week-long royal tour.

They are not a flashy family but this is an official visit and it's all about showing off. So this is what you can expect to see.

    1. Family

    They may be a family of four but the headline act in Canada will be their newest addition, Princess Charlotte.
    She's only made three official appearances in her short life so far: when she was born; at her christening; and on the palace balcony for the Queen's birthday celebrations earlier this year. In Canada, she will more than double her appearance count as we see her getting on and off planes and possibly at an official play date or two.
    Her brother, George's, first tour was to Australia and he set the precedent for how these things play out so expect a similar format. The photos that will emerge already have their positions marked in the British and Canadian history books.

    2. Canada

    The Duke and Duchess "cannot wait to get to Canada and start learning about new parts of a country that will play such an important part of their lives for many years to come," according to their Communications Secretary.
    William is set to be king of 15 countries beyond British shores -- and Canada is the biggest. The visit is funded by the Canadians and all levels of government have had a say on what they want to highlight about the country.
    You will see the couple tasting "world-class" wine and cheese in the Okanagan Valley, paddling canoes in Haida Gwaii, where many of the population are First Nation Canadians, and sailing a tall ship in Victoria.

    3. Their interests

    The palace have also made sure the couple's personal interests are reflected in the schedule. One of the first visits will be to a charity in Vancouver on Sunday, which helps vulnerable mothers who are battling addiction, an issue of interest to the Duchess.
    The following day they will go to the Great Bear Rainforest, which reflects the Duke's interest in conservation.
    William and Kate 5 years on
    William and Kate 5 years on


      William and Kate 5 years on


    William and Kate 5 years on 01:28
    You will see mental health issues come up several times because it's something the couple are working on together, with Prince Harry.

    4. Fashion

    It may not be by choice but there will inevitably be all sorts of coverage around what the Cambridges wear, and that applies to the children as much as to their mother.
    Anything George wears sells out within minutes so just imagine what's going to happen when the little princess hits the runway. Royal fashion bloggers are braced to source each and every outfit right down to the hair clip and where to buy it.
    The Duchess will be analyzed for who she wears and whether it works in the setting. William is off the fashion radar and he's likely to be more than happy with that.
    The Duke has a mixed relationship with the media. He's wary of allowing too much access because he wants to protect his young family from the sort of intrusion he experienced growing up. At the same time, he accepts that people have the right to see how their future monarchs are shaping up. Official tours are part of that access deal and he and his family are keen to use it as much as possible to show off the country and their causes as much as themselves.