FIFA: World governing body scraps anti-racism task force

    FIFA's "Say no to racism" campaign slogan features in the 2014 World Cup Quarter Final clash between Brazil and Colombia.

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    • Anti-racism task force set up in 2013
    • FIFA says body has "fulfilled its temporary mission"

    (CNN)FIFA has come under criticism for disbanding its anti-racism task force after soccer's world governing body said the body had "completely fulfilled its temporary mission."

    The task force was set up in 2013 by the organization's disgraced former president Sepp Blatter to combat racism in the sport.
      In a letter to task force member Osasu Obayiuwana, FIFA said the body had "exceeded the working group'' recommendations," such as anti-discrimination initiatives for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
      FIFA's decision was described as "incredibly worrying," by former FIFA presidential candidate Prince Ali of Jordan.
      "The fight against racism is far from over and the notion that the current FIFA leadership believes that the 'task force's recommendations have been implemented' is shameful."

      World Cup in Russia

      There are widespread concerns about how minorities will be treated if they travel to Russia's first major international football tournament for the 2018 World Cup.
      In August 2016, according to the respected Moscow-based SOVA Center for Information and Analysis, "racially motivated attacks affected at least six people in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, resulting in three deaths."