Australian state makes it harder to streak

    Streakers in Victoria could be punished with up to two months of jail time.

    Story highlights

    • The Australian state of Victoria is clarifying old sexual offense legislation
    • Streaking and mooning are two of the more minor punishable acts

    (CNN)Streaking and mooning continue to be so popular in the Australian state of Victoria that local law officials are updating a bill to make things a bit clearer.

    The state's goal is to cut down on these historically popular activities while also differentiating them from more serious sexual offenses.
      "We don't want to ruin anyone's fun," Attorney General Martin Pakula told Australian radio station 3AW. "We don't want a situation where someone who might streak at the cricket is funneled into the same category as someone who might jump out in front of a 13-year-old girl and flash," he said.
      The amendment will include a clause that details the punishment for various obscene activities, and exposing one's genitalia in public is just one of "more than 50 offenses" modified by the updated legislation.
      The main goal of the bill is to better protect children from sexual abuse, and the modernized language is meant to update a law such that it's as easy to understand as possible.
      Regardless, many Aussies took to social media to voice their outrage over the buttocks-baring ban.
      "What do they expect people to do at the footy now?" wrote Adelaide resident Jed Alimeh in a Facebook post.
      Facebook user Todd Koogler worried that the law's prohibition of obscene language might not be specific enough.
      "How do they define obscene?" he asked.
        Some posts -- including "Wow, what a bummer" and "I see there's been a 'crack-down' in Australia" -- voiced concern but with a dose of good-natured humor.
        The date that the amendment will officially come into effect has not yet been announced.