House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) listens during a news conference April 21, 2016 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

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"I felt sorry for him, really," Pelosi said about Trump

She also made fun of Gary Johnson

Washington CNN  — 

The top House Democrat on Tuesday mocked Donald Trump’s debate performance – and his hair.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the GOP presidential nominee’s showing in Monday night’s debate with Hillary Clinton was “pathetic” and doubted he would show up for future debates.

“I felt sorry for him, really,” Pelosi told reporters in her Capitol office. “He was so sort of scattered in his brain and so incoherent … maybe he will get the sympathy vote, I don’t know.”

Pelosi maintained that the polls showing a close race between Clinton and Trump are due to some young voters gravitating toward Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, but suggested they would shift when they learn about his positions.

“Do you think most people who have said they’re going to be for the Libertarian because they like his hairstyle, or whatever it is, are going to stick with that?” she said.

Poking fun at both Johnson and Trump’s hair, the California Democrat asked: “Can you imagine if a woman had the hairstyle of either one of those presidential candidate – whatever his name is, Trump and the other one? Is that for real?”

Pelosi pronounced that Trump won’t win the White House “under any circumstances” and predicted that Republicans in Congress won’t want to work with Clinton because of her gender.

“She’s a woman and so that will be polarizing to them,” Pelosi said, adding, “anyone other than a white man is polarizing to them, we know that, OK?”

Pelosi also suggested that GOP members refused to reach across the aisle on issues with President Barack Obama because of his race.

“They just don’t like who he is, let’s be frank here,” she said.

The California Democrat also credited Obama with Clinton’s rise as the first female presidential candidate.

“I don’t think we would have a woman president if we didn’t have a black president first,” she said. On Obama’s election, she said, “he really said anybody can be president – you don’t have to be a white man to be president.”