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A body of four-year-old boy was among those recovered from the Mediterranean

Four people, including the owner of the vessel, have been detained by authorities

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A total of 204 bodies have been recovered from the migrant boat that capsized off the coast of Egypt last week, a local official was quoted by state media as saying.

Ali Abelsattar said 33 people, including the body of a four-year-old boy, were recovered from the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday.

The vessel had set off from Egypt carrying around 450 people and was heading for Italy when it overturned last Wednesday 12 nautical miles northeast of Rashid – also known as Rosetta – in El Beheira governorate.

Egyptian policemen and medics stand over a body of a migrant

Four people, including the owner of the vessel, were detained by authorities after the incident.

Awful scenes

Those who survived the disaster described awful scenes to CNN of friends and family members drowning in the sea.

Some relatives of those on the boat asked why it took several hours for coast guard rescue ships to reach the scene, saying local fishermen had come to their aid first.

Egyptian men sit along the shore in the Egyptian port city of Rosetta on September 22, 2016 as they watch a boat departing for a search operation. A boat carrying up to 450 migrants capsized in the Mediterranean off Egypt's north coast, drowning 42 people and prompting a search operation that rescued 163 passengers, officials said. The vessel overturned off the port city of Rosetta, police and health officials said.
Egyptian official: Navy protecting immigrants' lives
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Many of those on board were from Egypt, Eritrea and Somalia, according to survivors.

The Egyptian military has regularly announced efforts to combat illegal immigration.

Survivors of tragedy tell of heroism, loss

The wreck of the capsized migrant boat arrives in Rosetta

On the same day the boat capsized near Rashid, the coast guard foiled an illegal immigration attempt, rescuing 294 on board a boat off the shore of El-Alamein, according to a military statement.

As Libya – a popular jumping-off point for migrants seeking to reach Europe from North Africa – becomes increasingly dangerous, more people may attempt to make the journey from Egypt’s shores, instead.