Dark seas, vast skies and full sails

Updated 1205 GMT (2005 HKT) October 4, 2016
Carlo Borlenghi blue oceanCarlo Borlenghi blue ocean
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"This picture was taken by a guy that can't swim! I used the underwater camera I developed for taking pictures, with a wide angle lens. This one was taken under a turning mark -- and the result, I am happy with it." Carlo Borlenghi/
"The Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race, my favorite place to shoot. And here is a good example of why, a very special weather event. The tiny boat is one of the last in the fleet from the 2010 edition of the race. And look at it, all alone out at sea with this giant cloud in its path. Taken from the helicopter, away from the boat, this picture shows everything there is to know about being at sea in a race like this." Carlo Borlenghi
"I like this because it was my first very famous picture, it's very important to me. From 1980, it is of course Brava broaching. Lots of action on board, but at the same time, Pasquale Landolfi just looking back at the camera." Carlo Borlenghi
"This is Peter Ogden's mini Maxi Jethou, a photo taken in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, from the helicopter. I love the composition of this picture, modern sails and their materials really mean pictures like this are possible today, when before, not so. The light and shadow, on the surface of the water, is why I love this." Carlo Borlenghi/ROLEX
"I've used this picture in exhibition catalogs for exhibitions of my work in Paris and in Milan. It's a spinnaker shot from the Regatta Pirelli -- Coppa Carlo Negri, the sailor trying to pack away the sail, but of course the moment his hand is just touching the sail material, this moment, it looks like he's trying to get free." ©Photo: Carlo Borlenghi/©Photo: Carlo Borlenghi