London's ultra-Orthodox Jews find surprising new home

An Orthodox Jewish community is leaving their overcrowded, north London neighborhood to put down new roots in flood-prone Canvey Island, where the Thames River meets the sea.

Canvey Island, UK (CNN)Property prices in London are famously insane -- the average house costs something in the region of $750,000, and many young families find it impossible to buy their first home in the British capital.

Take Mindy and Joel Friedman, for example. Until this summer, they and their six children were renting a two-and-a-half bedroom terraced house with one bathroom in north London.
The house would have sold for 800,000 pounds ($1 million), Joel estimates. Buying it would mean "being in debt for the rest of my life for a house which is far too small."
    So they decided to move out of the city.
      That wouldn't be a surprising decision for many young Londoners, but the Friedmans are ultra-Orthodox Jews, part of a community which tends to cluster in tight-knit neighborhoods in order to be within walking distance of their synagogues, schools, and kosher food.

      Brexit backers

      Even more startling is where they decided to move: Canvey Island, a small, 97% white coastal town where the UK Independence Party made a strong showing last year. The party attracts more anti-Semitic supporters than other leading British parties, a survey last year suggested.
      The district that includes the town had the third highest majority in favor of leaving the European Union in this June's Brexit vote. (The district the Friedmans moved from, on the other hand, had the third highest Remain vote in the UK.)
      The Friedm