Chemnitz: German police hunt Syrian man over suspected bomb plot

Saxony Police released images of a man identified as Syrian-born Jaber Albakr in connection with the operation in Chemnitz.

Story highlights

  • Police say a 'highly explosive mix' of substances was in the apartment
  • The suspect being sought is identified as Syrian man Jaber Albakr

(CNN)Police in Germany are hunting a 22-year-old Syrian man in connection with a suspected planned bomb attack, Saxony Police told CNN on Saturday.

He was named by police as Jaber Albakr. He was born Jan. 10, 1994 and is from the Damascus countryside, police said.
    The details emerged during a large-scale police operation in the city of Chemnitz.
    Two people were arrested at the city's train station, police said, and their luggage was being searched. The station was temporarily cordoned off, police said. Another person was arrested in the city center. Police said they believe the person was in contact with the suspect.
    Officers found traces of explosives in their search of an apartment in the city's Fritz-Heckert district, Saxony Police spokesman Tom Bernhardt told CNN.
    Bernhardt said it was not known at this point whether the suspect was armed or in possession of explosives.
    In a Facebook statement later, Bernhardt said police found a highly explosive mix of substances at the apartment that is more dangerous than TNT and could cause significant damage in small amounts.
    Police said the substance can't be transported easily, so they dug several holes in which they detonated the explosive material.
    Police in Berlin beefed up controls at the airport and train stations, according to CNN affiliate NTV.
    Police vehicles are lined up in front of an apartment building Saturday in Chemnitz
    The tip about the apartment came from the German interior intelligence services, he said. Police carried out a controlled explosion to gain access to the apartment.
    A police media release said Albakr was currently wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.
    In a video on Facebook, Bernhardt said the suspect should be considered dangerous.