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The myth that you are either good at math or you aren't discourages girls, says a Stanford professor

The "dry, procedural way" math is taught also turns off girls

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A recent online story titled “Calling All Moms: Stop Staying That!” caught my eye for obvious reasons.

I’m a mom of two and wanted to see if I was saying something to my daughters that I shouldn’t be.

In a post for the online platform Medium, Nicole Bryan, a vice president of product management for a technology firm, wrote that she started thinking about the messaging we give to our daughters about math after she volunteered to help with math enrichment at her daughter’s school. She was surprised to learn only two of the eight kids in her daughter’s fourth grade class identified as having a significant aptitude for math were girls.

When she asked friends who were raised in India if the ratio there was pretty much even in advanced math classes, they said it was.