What's round, orange and getting a lot of attention? A Trumpkin!

Marcher Lord is one of many to make a Donald Trump pumpkin this Halloween.

Story highlights

  • The "Trumpkin" recreates the Donald's likeness
  • There's not yet news of any Hillary Pumpklintons

(CNN)In an inevitable and hardly surprising attempt to make a long election cycle more interesting, people are once again carving "Trumpkins" for Halloween.

The idea, born from the similarities between a round orange gourd and a round-faced orange man, is not new. But it certainly is timely.
    In the month before the long-awaited presidential election, Trump pumpkins of all shapes and sizes will have time to haunt America's consciousness for just a little longer.
      Some Trumpkins are expertly carved, presenting exaggerated caricatures of the Donald's most famous attributes.
      Such as his perpetually pursed lips.
        Others take a more minimal approach by using hay and a Sharpie.
          The most important part of Trumpkin carving is that it's both fun and scary. No news yet on the Hillary Pumpklinton. But wouldn't they be stronger together?