A new online video shared by the Democratic National Committee compares Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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Venezuela's foreign minister calls the video "vile and atrocious"

The video shared by the DNC compares Trump and Chavez speeches

CNN  — 

A new campaign ad comparing Donald Trump to Hugo Chavez isn’t sitting well with Venezuela’s government.

The Democratic National Committee posted a video online this week claiming the Republican presidential nominee’s recent remarks have a lot in common with fiery speeches from the late Venezuelan leader.

And it wasn’t long before a top Venezuelan official weighed in, condemning what she called an “atrocious and vile” ad.

“The election campaign in the U.S. reflects the profound ethical, moral and political crisis of a degraded system that turns its back on the people,” Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said on Twitter. “Comparing candidate Trump with Commander Chavez is an expression of the racist arrogance and irrationality of a party that does not serve its constituents.”

The Spanish-language video, which was shared on the DNC’s bilingual Twitter account targeting Latino voters, juxtaposes Chavez speeches with clips of Trump threatening to jail Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton if he’s elected, promising to “open up” libel laws to crack down on reporters and removing Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from a press conference.