Ireland cocaine surprise: More than $5 million worth found in torpedo-like tube

Cocaine had been stuffed inside a torpedo-like canister that washed ashore on Ireland's west coast.

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  • Irish authorities say 75 kilograms of cocaine found inside torpedo-like canister
  • Local man discovers object on secluded beach on Ireland's west coast

(CNN)A picnic, an afternoon of kite flying and a drug haul worth more than $5 million -- it wasn't quite the day trip Michael Vaughan had bargained for when he and his family headed to the beach.

Three months after Vaughan came across a strange-looking, 2.5-meter-long torpedo-like canister that washed ashore near Liscannor, Ireland, authorities announced the discovery of 75 kilograms of cocaine worth a street value of 5 million euros ($5.4 million).
    "The concealment may have been attached below the waterline of a cargo ship or other maritime vessel," read a statement Monday from the Revenue Customs Service. "However, it is not possible at this stage to say either where the drugs originated, or their intended destination."
    Irish authorities made the discovery public Monday. They said it's unclear where the drugs originated.
    Andrew Ryan, a Revenue enforcement manager, told CNN it was the first time Irish authorities had come across drugs inside such a torpedo-like object.
    The discovery comes after Vaughan, a local hotelier, and his family first saw the torpedo on Kilmacreehy beach on Ireland's west coast at the end of August.
    After taking his family to the beach, he stumbled upon the canister.
    "We went to lift it, but it was so heavy -- you'd need more than a couple of people to shift it, " he told CNN.
    "We just left it in the end -- perhaps if it was lighter we might have taken it home."
    Seventy-five kilograms of cocaine were discovered inside the torpedo-like object.