Nope, these guys didn't dupe their way into a North Korean golf tournament

    Story highlights

    • On its surface, it sounds like a great story
    • But the reality is another matter

    Hong Kong (CNN)The headlines are everywhere.

    "Pair prank their way into North Korean golf tournament," read Brisbane's Nine News.
      "2 Australian men pretended to be pro golfers and faked their way into the North Korean Open," proclaimed
      Even Golf Digest fell for it: "Pair of Australian hackers pull ultimate prank by posing as pros to play in North Korea Golf Championship."
      On its surface, it sounds like a great story. So let's start there ...

      The awesome story

      Two Australians, who by their own admission are terrible golfers, bluffed their way into a premier golf tournament in North Korea.
      Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay -- a real estate agent and a builder, respectively -- had just wrapped up a polo event in China when they decided to go out on a limb.
      "We thought why be a single internationalist when you could be a dual internationalist? So we got Googling on some exotic sports close by," Ruig told CNN in an earlier interview.
      Ruig says it came down to Mongolian Eagle Racing or the North Korean Amateur Golf Open -- and made their decision over a "long lunch."
      They then sent an email to event organizers and, to the pair's surprise, it didn't take long to score an invite -- although a little creative wording did help.
      "We said we were a couple of Australian golfers. And they wrote back asking if we were the Australian team. And we sort of swerved around that question and thought we'd run with it," Ruig said.