Hong Kong's polluted oceans

by Jenni Marsh, CNN

Updated 1358 GMT (2158 HKT) November 9, 2016
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Many of Hong Kong's beaches have been carpeted with plastic waste. Pictured, Sok Ku Wan beach. Sea Shepherd/ Gary Stokes
Usually popular with locals and tourists, Sok Ku Wan has been littered with household trash.
The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department says it collected 1,500 kg of trash on November 1 and November 5 combined. Gary Stokes Photography
Plastic wrappers, glass bottles and foam packaging are all visible. Gary Stokes Photography
In July, trash blanketed beaches on the outlying islands of Cheung Chau and Lantau. Sea Shepherd
In the most recent episode, the trash likely originated from Hong Kong. Sea Shepherd/ Gary Stokes
Hong Kong recycles around a quarter of its waste. David Wilson/CNN
But thousands of tons of plastic are dumped into Hong Kong landfills every week. CNN
Trash being cleaned up on Sok Ku Wan beach. CNN