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Bernie Sanders says he will work with Donald Trump
02:05 - Source: CNN

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Bernie Sanders says he is "deeply humiliated' by Democrats loss of white working-class voters

Sanders says, it's part of "why I'm supporting Keith Ellison who will shake up the Democratic party."

Washington CNN  — 

Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed his disappointment Monday with Hillary Clinton’s failure to secure the support of white working-class voters in last week’s presidential election.

Donald Trump “very effectively” tapped into “the anger and angst and pain that many working class people are feeling,” the Vermont independent senator who challenged Clinton in the Democratic primary said on “CBS This Morning.”

“I think that there needs to be a profound change in the way the Democratic Party does business,” Sanders said. “It is not good enough to have a liberal elite. I come from the white working class, and I am deeply humiliated that the Democratic Party cannot talk to where I came from.”

Sanders did point out that Trump shouldn’t overstate his mandate since the Democratic presidential nominee has a clear lead in the national popular vote.

Sanders not only believes the Democratic party needs to change but uses this as an opportunity to back Congressman Keith Ellison for the Democratic National Committee Chair position, saying this “among other reasons is why I’m supporting Keith Ellison who will shake up the Democratic Party.”

Sanders will give President-elect Trump a chance to live up to his promises.

“We will hold Mr. Trump accountable. We have all of the things he has said and we are going to say to Mr. Trump, if you have the courage to actually stand up to the big money and trust of the billionaire class, if you have the courage, in fact, to develop policies to improve lives for working people count us in,” Sanders said. “You want for increase the infrastructure and way equity for women, we are on your side.”