A golden pheasant is seen at Hangzhou Safari Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, November 13, 2016. According to local media, the pheasant gains popularity as its golden feathers resemble the hairstyle of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Picture taken November 13, 2016.
China has a new obession and it's Trump's hair
02:01 - Source: CNN
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She’s just five years old but might just be Donald Trump’s biggest diplomatic win in China.

A video of Trump’s granddaughter Arabella Kushner reciting Chinese poetry is being shared across the country.

During his bid for the US presidency, Trump had nothing but tough talk for Beijing.

But the little girl’s command of Mandarin is being interpreted by some as a hidden sign of Trump’s affinity with the country.

“Trump’s craziness and unreliability are just being deceptive,” said Weibo user @Ananqiumao in one top rated post.

“Look at his children and family, each one is cuter and more adorable than one another. That’s the result of family education. Trump is a man of achievement.”

“Feel like Trump would be more friendly to China,” said user @caiairenweimian.

In the video, Arabella is wearing a red Chinese style ball gown standing on a table. Other traditional Chinese elements – the Chinese character for happiness, lanterns and Monkey stickers – are visible in the background.

“Arabella wanted to have a pre-bedtime #ChineseNewYear party this past Sunday evening,” Trump’s daughter Ivanka wrote in the post earlier this year. “She got all dressed up and performed songs and poems for Jared, Joseph and me.”

Ivanka told the South China Morning Post magazine four years ago that her daughter was studying Mandarin from a Chinese nanny. She added that she was also learning the language and she could “pretty much name every animal in the zoo.”

Of course, others cautioned against reading too much into the video.

“The little girl’s language skill is a result of Ivanka’s education, nothing to do with Trump himself,” said user @Jason_ZFQ.

“Those who fantasize about Trump’s friendliness to China give me a break. Of course, his real attitude to China remains to be seen.”