New technology could help 230 million 'ghost' children

Story highlights

  • Digital system registers babies remotely using a bracelet and an app
  • Approximately 50% of births in Africa are not registered
  • Children without a legal identity may be vulnerable to trafficking

(CNN)A new tech start up has set themselves a massive task: to register all newborn babies digitally.

iCivil Africa, a company based in Burkina Faso, has developed a birth certificate system which involves a smartphone, a bracelet and encoded text messages.
    The company hopes the new system will make birth certificates in sub-Saharan Africa more more accessible -- an area where more than half of newborns currently go unregistered.
      Globally, an estimated 230 million children under the age of five are not registered.
      Co-founder Adama Sawadogo says he wants to help Africa's "ghost children" who lack a legal identity due to not being registered and may be extra vulnerable. "It's a major humanitarian problem. These ghost children are easy prey for traffickers."
      Can a bracelet help fight child trafficking?