Vendee Globe: Images from Conrad Colman's epic voyage

Published 0847 GMT (1647 HKT) December 2, 2016
Vendee Globe 100% Natural Energy Conrad ColmanVendee Globe 100% Natural Energy Conrad Colman
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An image taken by drone shows Foresight Natural Energy, Conrad Colman's yacht in the Vendee Globe, carving through the South Atlantic in the direction of South Africa. Conrad Colman
Water rushes onto the deck as Colman -- who has already completed two round-the-world races in his sailing career -- steers his yacht into choppy waters. Conrad Colman
Colman, born in New Zealand and with an interest in sailing since his childhood, works on the hydraulic system for canting his yacht's keel after detecting a drop in pressure and oil levels. Conrad Colman
Another drone photo shows Foresight Natural Energy making its way through sparkling seas off western Brazil. Conrad Colman
Colman -- and cuddly hippo friend -- aboard his yacht for the race, which the sailor has described as "the ultimate challenge." Conrad Colman
Foresight Natural Energy makes her way through calm open waters in the Vendee Globe. Conrad Colman
Colman takes a moment to check the trim of his yacht, which he describes as "an ambassador for clean energy." Conrad Colman
A reflective Colman takes a moment to enjoy the view of the Portuguese island of Porto Santo, to the north-east of Madeira. Conrad Colman
The drone is in action again to capture this view of the boat off Madeira itself. Conrad Colman