Game show celebrates honesty in public service

Published 1028 GMT (1828 HKT) December 5, 2016
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The five finalists of Integrity Idol Liberia 2015, a reality show that celebrates honesty in public service and has tens of thousands voting for their favored nominees. accountability lab
Nurse Jugbeh Kekula, winner of the 2015 competition, with onetime patient Joshua Flomo, who nominated her.

Kekula played a vital role in fighting the ebola crisis in her community, where she is a much-loved figure.
Ben Cleeton
District administrator Pradip Raj Kandel receives the award for Integrity Idol Nepal 2015.

The competition was launched by NGO Accountability Lab in Nepal in 2014, and is now held in four countries, which could rise to eight next year.
Volunteers in Nepal head out to gather nominations for the show.

After nominations are gathered, Accountability Lab curate a short-list, with the finalists broadcast to millions for a public vote.
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