Woman is first to have baby with ovaries frozen in childhood

Moaza Al Matrooshi and her husband, Ahmed, with their new son, Rashid.

Story highlights

  • A woman has given birth after receiving a transplant of her own ovarian tissue
  • She froze the tissue at age 9 ahead of treatment for a blood disorder

(CNN)A 24-year-old Dubai native has become the first woman to give birth after having her fertility restored from ovarian tissue frozen during her childhood.

Moaza al Matrooshi gave birth to a healthy son, Rashid, at the Portland Hospital in London on Tuesday.
    She is the first person in the world to have had a successful pregnancy using ovarian tissue that was harvested before the onset of puberty and the only person to have her ovaries transplanted back after 13 years in storage.
    "I feel so happy to have my baby in my hands now," Al Matrooshi said. "We waited many years to see this."

    The need to freeze her tissue

    As a child, Al Matrooshi was diagnosed with beta thalassaemia -- an inheritable blood disorder reducing a person's ability to carry oxygen in their blood -- and came to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London at the age of 9 to receive a bone marrow transplant from her brother.