6 Christmas traditions so strange they're borderline scarring

Krampus is one of many holiday traditions meant to distinguish the naughty from the nice.

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  • People get weird around Christmas
  • Warning: There's some talk of poop in here

(CNN)The holiday household can be a bubbling crucible of weirdness, exacerbated by proximity and eggnog.

But no matter what mean things grandma says when she's had a few or how long your sister's kids can run in circles around the fragile -- kids, FRAGILE! -- Christmas tree, it won't beat the crazy of these classic holiday traditions from around the world.

    1. Gather 'round the flaming Yule Goat

    In certain parts of Scandinavia, nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a giant straw effigy of a goat.
    The "Yule Goat," (or julbocken, if you're fancy) originated like most Christmas traditions, in that people aren't exactly sure. It has some roots in Norse mythology, wherein the god Thor rode around in a chariot pulled by goats. But in more recent history, the lore plays out more along the lines of the Christian association of goats as demonic creatures.
    Either way, there are lots of goats. Typically, they manifest as cute little ornaments you put on the tree, but some towns erect giant statues of the goat. And sometimes people set those statues on fire. Adorable.
    Yule not want to be going near this.