'Goat yoga' is a thing - and hundreds are lining up for it

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  • 'Goat Yoga' takes place on a farm in Oregon
  • It's founder also uses the goats for animal assisted therapy

(CNN)It's actually a little hard to believe we, as both a goat- and yoga-loving society, have slept on this concept for so long. Leave it to Lainey Morse of Albany, Oregon to realize something as glorious as goat yoga.

Her goat yoga classes have become so popular, there's a 1,200-person waiting list that's growing by the day.
    The classes are held at Morse's scenic Oregon farm, where the goats have open access to the guests during their practice. Snuggles are not uncommon, and neither is the occasional upward goat on a downward dog.
    It's a perfect combination, Morse says.
    "Goats are perfect for the yoga practice because it's not only combining nature and animals, it's combining yoga, and they all go together so well."

    How goat yoga got started

    Morse owns a small farm in a picturesque section of western Oregon. The farm is called "No Regrets," which is fitting since Morse moved there on a whim from Phoenix, Arizona and hasn't looked back since.
    She also owns eight goats because, well, she's always wanted to own goats and that is a dream that should not be deferred.
    One day, during a child's birthday party she hosted on the farm as part of a charity auction, a mother who taught yoga approached her with an interesting suggestion.
    "The woman said, 'You should really have a yoga class out here," Morse said. "I said okay, but the goats have to join in."
    It didn't ta