Avalanche buries Italian hotel

Updated 1638 GMT (0038 HKT) January 24, 2017
13 italy avalanche 0124 victim funeral Alessandro Giancaterino13 italy avalanche 0124 victim funeral Alessandro Giancaterino
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The coffin of avalanche victim Alessandro Giancaterino is carried to his funeral service in Farindola, central Italy, on Tuesday, January 24. A series of earthquakes that struck on January 18 caused an avalanche at the foot of Gran Sasso mountain in central Italy, about 135 kilometers (85 miles) northeast of Rome, burying guests and staff of Hotel Rigopiano, a local mountain resort. Gregorio Borgia/AP
Emergency crew members carry three puppies that were dug out from under the snow covering Hotel Rigopiano on Monday, January 23. Rescuers cheered the discovery of the dogs, whose survival brings hope for those people who are still missing. Italian Firefighters/AP
Italian rescuers and volunteers continue a rescue operation on Sunday, January 22 at the site of the avalanche that inundated Hotel Rigapiano. Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico/ANSA via AP
Migrants volunteering with the Italian Red Cross stand ready at the avalanche emergency operations center at Penna, central Italy, on Saturday, January 21. FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images
A rescuer rests at a sports complex turned emergency coordination center in Penne on January 21. Gregorio Borgia/AP
One of three children rescued from the avalanche zone is transported to a hospital in Pescara, on Friday, January 20. Claudio Lattanzio/AP
Another of the three children rescued on Friday is carried by rescuers to the hospital in Pescara. Claudio Lattanzio/AP
An aerial view shows the roof and top floor of the three-story Hotel Rigopiano buried in snow after the avalanche struck at the foot of Gran Sasso mountain in central Italy on Thursday, January 19. Italian Fire Department/Vigili del Fuoco
Rescuers stand by two cars submerged in snow as they work in front of the Rigopiano Hotel on January 19. CNSAS PRESS OFFICE/AP
A rescuer clears snow in front of the hotel. CNSAS PRESS OFFICE/AP
Rescue workers were met with an eerie silence Thursday when they reached Hotel Rigapiano, a four-star spa hotel struck by an avalanche. CNSAS PRESS OFFICE/AP
Rescuers are dropped by helicopter near the site of the avalanche. Weather conditions in the region made it difficult to access the area by road. Italian Fire Department/Vigili del Fuoco
Snow and rubble fill a hallway inside Hotel Rigopiano. The area is a popular ski destination for Italian tourists. Guardia di Finanza/AP
Italian emergency crews operate at the site of the avalanche on January 19. Central Italy was hit by more than 10 earthquakes on Wednesday, January 18, four of them measuring magnitude 5 or above, according to the US Geological Survey. MATTEO GUIDELLI/ITALIAN MOUNTAIN RESCUE HANDOUT/EPA
Damage from the avalanche is seen in an image taken from video shot by rescuers inside Hotel Rigopiano. Italian Finance Police/AP
Rescuers dig for avalanche survivors after skiing several kilometers through blizzard conditions to reach the hotel, on January 19. Italian Mountain Rescue Service