New Jersey gives out free baby boxes in move to lower infant mortality rates

Baby Boxes, made of durable cardboard, can be used as a baby's bed for the first five to six months of life.

Story highlights

  • New Jersey will give baby boxes to new parents
  • The box is filled with baby essentials and serves as a safe sleeping space

(CNN)Babies born in New Jersey this year will go home with a sturdy, safe box to sleep in and additional newborn essentials -- all for free. On Thursday, the Garden State became the first in the US to launch a universal baby box program in an attempt to reduce infant mortality rates.

The baby box program follows the example of Finland, which has had a similar program in place since the 1930s. Any expecting parent or parents of infants younger than 3 months old in New Jersey can take a short online educational program and receive a box filled with newborn essentials that can also serve as a safe sleeping space.
    To avoid SIDS, infants and parents should share a room, report says