Here's what 60 degrees to snowstorm in 24 hours looks like

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  • New York City went from record high temperatures to a major snowstorm in one day

(CNN)Shorts and flip-flops just gave way -- literally, overnight -- to earmuffs and boots, as unseasonably warm weather Wednesday across the Northeast ushered in a heavy snowstorm on Thursday.

Photos of the two days show the awesome contrast.
    Brian Foster took these two pictures of New York's Central Park on Wednesday afternoon, then Thursday morning.
    The snowstorm blew in just a day after record high February temperatures across the region. In New York City, residents were out in T-shirts and tank tops, while Washington enjoyed temperatures in the 70s.
    But less than 24 hours later, that false spring gave way to full-bore winter as a major snowstorm pounded the region.
    Thursday marked the first time ever New York City got six inches of snow just one day after the temperature reached 60 degrees, CNN meteorologists reported.
    The snowstorm also created whiteout conditions. The sunny photo below, for example, showed the Empire State Building in the background. The snowy photo from today? Not so much.
    Photos from the Brooklyn Bridge and from Columbus Circle also showed the rapid change from sun to snow.
    The weather whiplash was evident in New Jersey's woodsy areas, too.

    Yesterday vs today. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ #snowday

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      For some, the rapid change called to mind what happened to Arendelle in the Disney movie "Frozen."
      Thankfully, no giant ice monster has been spotted. Yet.