NBA’s best 3-point shooters face off

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Since 1986, the NBA's best shooters have competed in a special 3-Point Contest

The event is held at the league's All-Star Weekend along with the slam dunk contest

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“Who’s coming in second?”

That was the trash talk from Larry Bird before the NBA’s first-ever 3-Point Contest in 1986.

NBA All-Star Game

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    The Boston Celtics great let his competitors know in the locker room that he was going to win, and he backed up his words by defeating Craig Hodges in the final round.

    Bird, one of the league’s best shooters, defended his 3-point title in 1987 and 1988. The last win came on his last shot, with Bird throwing up his finger before it even went in.

    That cocky gesture remains one of the most iconic moments of the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, when the league’s best players gather for the All-Star Game.

    The 3-point shootout started just a couple of years after the NBA introduced its slam dunk contest. Players take 25 shots in each round – five racks of five balls from different spots behind the 3-point line. Most of the shots are worth one point each, but there are also multicolored “money balls” that count for two points. Several elimination rounds are held until there is one winner.

    Bird and Hodges have each won the 3-Point Contest three times. Hodges won three years in a row, from 1990 to 1992, and in 1991 he set the record for most shots made in a row (19).

    Several players have won the title twice: Peja Stojakovic, Jeff Hornacek, Mark Price and Jason Kapono.

    Two players will be looking to join that list in this year’s event. Defending champion Klay Thompson won last year while tying the best score ever for a single round. But he will be tested by 2013 winner Kyrie Irving and six of the league’s top marksmen: C.J. McCollum, Kyle Lowry, Eric Gordon, Kemba Walker, Nick Young and Wesley Matthews.

    Scroll through the photo gallery above to see more records from the 3-Point Contest, including those who fared not so well.