Teen who crashed into BMW finds out why honesty is the best policy

Chen Yifan wrote an apology letter to the owner of the car he scratched while out on a food delivery.

(CNN)A 17-year-old high school sophomore had just finished a food delivery to a customer when he got a phone call, asking him to make another one. But while he answered the call, he accidentally hit and scratched a BMW.

The damage done to Xue Zhanmin's car.
The teen went ahead and made his next delivery, but returned to the site of the accident in Zhengzhou, China, to do what he could to make amends.
"I drove back to the shop first and finished the delivery," Chen told CCTV, China's state-run news agency. "Then, I wrote an apology letter and headed back to the accident site."
In the morning, when the BMW driver, Xue Zhanmin, assessed the damage to his scratched car, he found a letter the teen had glued to the car door along with 311 yuan ($45) in cash.
The teen's letter
The letter read: "Uncle, I'm sorry. I accidentally bumped into your car last night when I was driving an electric tricycle. I have all together over 300 yuan ($44), and give it to you as a compensation. I know the money was not enough, but that's all the money I have. I feel really sorry for the accident."
Touched by the delivery boy's honesty and realizing he probably came from a poor family, Xue asked the local traffic officer to help him find Chen. As the story circulated through local media reports, he eventually did.