Wendy Williams is keeping 50 lbs off

Story highlights

  • Williams revealed her weight loss last year
  • She said she's now eating healthier

(CNN)Wendy Williams is not the woman she used to be -- and she's not going back.

The talk show host has shed 50 lbs and recently told E! that she's keeping the weight off.
    "I did it on my own and I love it because I no longer have to do that fight with clothing," Williams said.
    Being larger and worrying about how she might look in clothing are things that "get in the way of being a good host for the people," she said.
    In October, Williams shared with fans during a post-show segment that she lost the weight over a three-year period.
    "This is as good as it's going to get," she told E!. "I'm not gonna fight my body anymore, I've lost the weight, I feel fantastic."
    Williams said she's maintaining her weight loss by eating better and not skipping breakfast.
    "I've learned to be extremely healthy regarding morning eating," she said. "I was doing it all wrong before."