A 93 day crossing

Published 1442 GMT (2242 HKT) March 9, 2017
chris beritsh english harbour approachchris beritsh english harbour approach
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Chris Bertish approaching English Harbour, Antigua on the morning of March 9. Chris Bertish/Facebook
After extreme conditioning training, Bertish's journey began in Agadir, Morocco on December 6 2016. Alan van Gysen/Chris Bertish/Facebook
Bertish spots a ship on December 22 in the middle of the Atlantic. Chris Bertish/Facebook
The cabin of Bertish's custom-made paddle board was packed with navigation equipment and supplies for the 93-day crossing. Alan van Gysen/Chris Bertish/Facebook
The intrepid watersports enthusiast saw in the New Year with a dram of whiskey, recording the solo celebration in his captain's log. Chris Bertish/Facebook
With an onboard camera and internet, Bertish has kept in contact with the outside world, and even took part in a live interview with SUP magazine. Chris Bertish/Facebook
While at sea Bertish had to perform essential maintenance on the vessel, including clearing the underside of the board -- all the while watching out for sharks. Chris Bertish/Facebook
Bertish is also known as a big wave surfer who has competed all over the world. Richard Hallman
Bertish's 93-day crossing solo, unaided and unassisted is a world-first and another record for the pro. Chris Bertish/Facebook