Hundreds have changed genders on NYC birth certificates

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  • The city relaxed its rules on changing gender markers in 2015
  • 731 change applications have since been approved, a report says

(CNN)Hundreds of New Yorkers now have birth certificates that are true to their gender identities.

Over 700 residents have received amended birth certificates since 2015, according to a new report from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
    In 2014, the department and the City Council eased requirements for gender marker change applications. The new code went into effect in 2015, and since then, 731 change applications were approved, according to the report, released Thursday.
      In previous years, only about 20 applications had been changed each year.
      "The requirement allows a gender marker change on a birth certificate in New York City to be processed upon receipt of an affirmation or affidavit written by a licensed medical or mental health provider," according to the health department. The code previously required proof of gender change surgery.
      "As jurisdictions around the country continue to adopt policies of discrimination against transgender people, it is crucial for this city to reaffirm its commitment to equality and health equity," department Commissioner Dr. Mary Travis Bassett said.
      Last year, the city issued the first birth certificate reading "intersex" in the gender field.
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