Gerda Taro: Fearless war photographer

Published 0001 GMT (0801 HKT) March 16, 2017
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Gerda Taro, left, was the first female war photographer to be killed in the line of work. The 26-year-old German was returning from the front lines of the Spanish Civil War when she was struck by an out-of-control tank in July 1937. Taro learned her craft from Robert Capa, right, a Hungarian who became one of the most acclaimed war photographers of all time. The two Jewish emigrants met in Paris after fleeing their homes during the rise of the Nazis. Fred Stein Archive/Archive Photos/Getty Images
Taro took this photo of a Republican militiawoman training on a beach outside Barcelona, Spain, in August 1936. Taro and Capa were embedded with forces who opposed Nationalist Gen. Francisco Franco. gerda taro/magnum photos
Men work in a munitions factory in Madrid in June 1937. The Spanish Civil War lasted nearly three years, with about half a million people killed before Franco's forces prevailed. gerda taro/magnum photos
Republican militiamen fire weapons on the Cordoba front in September 1936. "Taro, like Capa, had a reputation for getting close to the action," writer Jane Rogoyska told CNN in 2014. "They both had a policy of really trying to engage with what it was like to experience war -- whether it was civilians or the front line. That was quite a modern idea, so they were really quite striking pictures." gerda taro/magnum photos
Agricultural workers throw grain into the air so it can be cleansed by the wind in Spain's Aragon region. gerda taro/magnum photos
A fighter is seen in Brunete, Spain, in July 1937. Taro was returning from the Brunete front line when she was killed that month. gerda taro/magnum photos
Refugees from Malaga, Spain, are seen in the city of Almeria in February 1937. gerda taro/magnum photos
A Republican soldier draws a communist symbol after crossing out a pro-Franco slogan in Aragon. gerda taro/magnum photos
Two boys play on a barricade in Barcelona in August 1936. gerda taro/magnum photos
Republican soldiers are photographed on the Aragon front near Huesca in 1936. gerda taro/magnum photos
Spanish Marines play musical instruments on a battleship in February 1937. gerda taro/magnum photos