The Ukrainian women skating for gender equality

Published 0921 GMT (1721 HKT) March 16, 2017
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Female ice hockey players in Ukraine are trying to revive a national league against the odds. Harriet Salem
The Kharkiv Panthers is one of five teams in the newly-established league.
Harriet Salem
Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, but sporting opportunities for the country's women are few and far between.
Harriet Salem
Some players had to be taught how to skate from scratch, while others are juggling training sessions with full-time jobs and childcare. Harriet Salem
The league finals were held on International Women's Day, March 8, to send a message about gender equality.
Harriet Salem
The tournament also hoped to transcend the economic and political turmoil afflicting Ukraine with the war going on in the east of the country. Here, Kyiv Ukrainochka players celebrate a goal. Harriet Salem
Canadian Kelly Whelan, who plays for Kyiv Ukrainochka, jostles for the puck with Dnipro Queens' Katerina Rudchenko during the finals. Harriet Salem
Fans cheer at the Ice Arena in Kiev. Harriet Salem
Players from Kharkiv Panthers and Kyiv Ukrainochka vie for possession. Harriet Salem
Dnipro Queens' Valery Manchak tries to get a goal past the Dnipro Squirrels. Harriet Salem
The Dnipro Queens celebrate winning the overall competition. Harriet Salem
Players and friends congratulate each other. Harriet Salem
The Kharkiv Panthers finished third. Harriet Salem