Woman emerges from swirling debris after mudslide in Peru

Woman trapped in mudslide
Woman trapped in mudslide


    Woman trapped in mudslide


Woman trapped in mudslide 01:01

Story highlights

  • At least 62 people have died since the rainy season began in Peru
  • In a remarkable video, one woman emerges covered in mud and walks her way out of danger

(CNN)In a country enduring miserable storms and deadly flooding, one woman has survived when it seemed impossible.

Weeks of rain in Peru have caused rivers to rise and people to flee.
    At least 62 people have been killed and more than 100 injured after heavy rain continued its wave of destruction since the rainy season began earlier this month.
    The Peruvian government said more than 60,000 people have been displaced and several cities have declared states of emergency.
    Amateur video showed one woman's dramatic escape in Punta Hermosa, a suburb of the capital of Lima.
    The woman, who was identified in media reports as Evangelina Chamorro Diaz, pulled herself out from under fallen debris and walked -- completely covered in mud -- over the fallen wooden panels. The video also showed a cow escaping from the mud-filled crater.
    Diaz survived by grabbing onto tree branch and pieces of wood, Peruvian media reported. She is being treated at a hospital and is in stable condition.
    Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski took to Twitter on Thursday to ask citizens to remain calm.
    "We are organized and ready to handle this emergency. Let's stay calm and obey the authorities," he wrote.
    Authorities estimate the rainy season could last another two weeks.
    The presidential council of ministers said on Twitter that 750 districts have already declared a state of emergency.