Troubled waters: Can India and Pakistan bridge differences over river pact?

Story highlights

  • Indus River system supports livelihoods across Pakistan and northern India
  • India's PM says he wants to review long-standing water-sharing agreement

(CNN)For years, it's been held up as a rare diplomatic success story between rivals India and Pakistan.

But last year, a long-standing river pact that governs how the two countries share crucial water resources came under threat as violence flared in the disputed region of Kashmir.
    On Monday, after a period of heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, the two nations are due to come together for much-anticipated talks on the contentious Indus Water Treaty.
      The enormous Indus River system, which supports livelihoods across Pakistan and northern India, originates in Tibet, flowing through China and Indian-controlled Kashmir before reaching Pakistan.
      The Indus Water Treaty dates from 1960 and governs how the fractious neighbors manage the vast volume of water, which is a vital resource for both countries.