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Who made April Fools' Day?
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Here are some of our favorite ads on this day dedicated to pranksters

Real or not, they'll keep you entertained

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Another year, another batch of videos and advertisements released on April Fools’ Day. What’s real and what’s not? You be the judge. But here are some of our favorite ads on this day dedicated to pranksters:

1. Google has another map eater

Pac-Maps is back with a new twist – it’s Ms. Pac-Man who’s munching her way across Google Maps this year. To play, open the Google Maps app and click the red square in the bottom right of your screen. You can also play on desktop. Google first launched the prank with Pac-Man in 2015.

2. Is Amazon’s Petlexa “fur” real?

An Amazon Echo exclusively tailored for our furry friends? Well, that’s what Amazon’s new Petlexa purports to be in a video posted on the company’s official Twitter Echo account. “Petlexa is here! Now your dog, cat or favorite pet can communicate with Alexa just like you do. Check out these videos to learn more!” Good luck getting your paws on it.

3. The T-Mobile ONEsie

T-Mobile is offering full coverage with its wearable ONEsie. Made from nano technology, it’s where “couture meets connectivity,” the mobile communications company said on a video posted on its official Twitter page. “Be fashion forward and cutting edge at the same time in the new #TMobileONEsie. Technology has never felt so cozy,” the post reads.

4. Burger King breath

Want to keep that Whopper taste in your mouth? Burger King’s Whooper toothpaste keeps you Whopper fresh all day and night. Those flame-grilled microgranules, including total-whitening onions and anticavity steak, will have you saying, “Come on, kiss me.”

5. Quilted Northern goes wearable

Keep track of every movement with uSit, the world’s first biometric bathroom tracker. It captures all your toileting data such as frequency and duration. Set your personalized sitting goals. Share your sits with friends.

6. Eau de Chlôrine

Thanks to Swimtoday.org, you will never have to leave the pool behind.

The fragrance mixes the “pungent, powerful notes of bleach” with the “subtle aroma of human sweat.” Swimmer’s eye can be sexy.

7. The pinnacle of cuteness

It doesn’t get any tougher than Puppy Mudder, a military-style endurance race for canines.

No doggie will be left behind in this Tough Mudder-style competition, where pups sniff and claw their way to the finish.