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The most tone-deaf ads ever?
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Madonna's Pepsi ad was pulled in 1989

She posted a photo of herself with a can of Coke

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Madonna knows a little something about pulled Pepsi ads.

In 1989, she starred in a Pepsi commercial that was pulled because of controversy over the music video for “Like a Prayer,” which featured burning crosses and showed Madonna kissing a black actor portraying a saint.

She reminded the world of this bit of pop culture history Wednesday when she posted on Instagram about the disastrous Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner.

“When you wake up and realize that S*** just really doesn’t make sense,” Madonna wrote in her caption. “Side Note: My Pepsi commercial was pulled 30 years ago because I was kissing a black saint! #ironic.”

In the Kendall Jenner ad, Jenner ditches a photo shoot to join a street protest, then offers a Pepsi to a stoic police officer. Pepsi withdrew it after immediate criticism that the spot was appropriating the Black Lives Matter movement to sell soda.

Madonna was paid $5 million for her Pepsi commercial, which aired on March 2, 1989, during NBC’s “The Cosby Show.”

The problem came the next day, when the music video premiered for “Like a Prayer.” The video included stigmata and other religious imagery.

A Pepsi spokesman said at the time: “When you’ve got an ad that confuses people or concerns people, it just makes sense that that ad goes away.”

These days Madonna is making her loyalties known: On Wednesday, she posted a picture of herself strolling with a can of Coke.

It was the kind of shade Madonna fans thirst for.