Israel postpones vote due to Britney Spears concert

Don't hold it against her.

(CNN)Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop, is disrupting the Israeli political system -- in fact they moved an election date just for her.

The singer is set to perform her first concert in Tel Aviv on July 3, the same day as the Israeli Labor Party's primary election. Leave it to Britney to shake up international politics.
"We delayed the vote one day, to July 4. We couldn't hire enough security for the election because of the Britney Spears concert on July 3. There would also be a lot of traffic and roadblocks that would make it hard for the vote to go ahead," Labor Party spokesman Liron Zach said.

    Security and traffic concerns prompted move

      The primary election will decide who becomes chairman of the party. The elected official will then enter the running to be prime minister.