‘Frozen’: Why kids can’t ‘Let It Go’

Story highlights

The long-awaited sequel to "Frozen" is coming in November 2019

Psychologists say the success of "Frozen" involves universal themes about family and being good

"Let It Go" appeals to children who seek happiness and freedom and struggle to control their impulses

CNN  — 

You can’t escape Disney’s phenomenon “Frozen.”

It is the highest-grossing animated film of all time and one of Disney’s top franchises. It was the most downloaded movie from Apple in 2014, and kids everywhere are still singing the movie’s anthem, “Let It Go.”

Heck, it’s now probably stuck in your own head right now, even if you’ve never seen the film.

So why has the 2013 movie stuck around for so long for the under-5 set?

Experts say it is not just because you can find images of the movie’s sisters on everything. Elsa and Anna are on dresses, on scooters and even on jelly beans.

The news that a long-awaited sequel is finally coming in November 2019 was met with cheers (and a few groans) across the Internet.